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Bath + Book Club; You Are A Badass

So let me start off by saying that this book was exactly what I needed and I didn’t even know it. I absolutely love this book, it is definitely worth your time. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending the entire day reading your way through.

Jen Sincero has a style all her own that makes “new comers” of this self-help/spiritual realm feel totally welcome. She uses wit and charm to relate to her audience and carries a very down to earth vibe. When talking about the more serious side of changing your life, Jen brings a kind of sunny disposition and ease to the table, creating a safe and inviting atmosphere.

This book is comprised of five parts starting with, the how and why, and then tuning you into the mindset of making changes to become the badass self that you are. She structures the book by breaking down each concept into steps, followed by examples, and then ending each chapter with one final step,

Love Yourself.

Sincero elaborates on a multitude of concepts such as; how our conscious and subconscious minds work, the ego (or BS) self, meditation, procrastination, money, and so much more. She explores ways to fall back into love with yourself and seeks to pull out your truest passion. She writes of how affirmations, surrounding yourself with like-minded people, and how letting go of fear are all ways of finding your true life’s calling.

On another note, the entire book is written with a skeptic in mind, so if your new to this, don’t worry you’ll be just as obsessed as the rest of us in no time.

She takes examples from her own life experiences and laughs at the comical side of how life can sometimes go. We all go through times in our lives when we feel scared, or unsure, or “not quite ready”, she reminds us to go for it anyway. We have all been hurt or hurt someone in our lives, she reminds us to forgive, let it go, an move on. She reminds us to show up as our best selves and demand that from every aspect in our lives as well. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, there is something in this book for you. It has a little bit of everything.

As for me, I know I will continue to use this book for reference and as a reminder of who TF I really am. After all, this stuff really works guys, and when you finally allow yourself to take the time to tune in and get into the vortex, or connect, or whatever you wanna call it, that’s when the magic starts to happen. Life unfolds for you in unimaginable ways and that’s why these books exist. When you start feeling good and loving who you are, you cant help but want to share that light and happiness with the rest of the world. Jen reminded me of why I started Moonlit in the first place, to feel good and help others along the way. I truly appreciate the people like Jen Sincero for being able to pull me back in. Every time I’m lost, or falling sort of my true self, these are the book that I reach for. Its the feelings and emotions that these types of books invoke, that bring us back into the vortex. If you feel good, good things happen to you.

And on that note,

Love Yourself. Because, Like Jen would say, “You Are A Badass.”

This book review is based off of the book, You Are A Badass, How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life Written By Jen Sincero

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