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Are your products natural?

All products are made with only naturally sourced herbal ingredients, from our suppliers all the way to our handmade final product. At Moonlit Apothecary, we pride ourselves on making honest, ethically sourced goods for your skin. Each product is crafted on a small scale to ensure quality and freshness. We pour our time and love into each order to ensure your 100% satisfied with all that we have to offer. As of right now, we currently source all of our products from local or neighboring states with the same view as ours.

Do you use eco friendly packaging?

While Moonlit is not completely eco-friendly (YET) we aim to move in that direction as we grow. In the meantime we use new and recycled boxes and packaging supplies from previous orders and/or personal orders we’ve received.

Do you accept returns?

We will accept returns under the condition that the product is returned unaltered and unused. All returns are subject to a full review and must be submitted within 14 days of purchase. Shipping is not included. All returns will receive a full refund minus the cost of shipping.

How long before I get my package?

All orders are made and shipped out within the week of ordering. Depending on USPS, shipping usually takes anywhere from 3-5 days. You will also receive a confirmation and tracking number in an email as soon your order is shipped. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items that may occur during shipping.

Do your products contain nuts/seeds?

While some of the product we use do contain nut oils, or dried seeds. We ask that you be sure to thoroughly look over the ingredients listed below the product description, and or add a note into the comment section about any concerns you might have. We want you to love our products as much as we do. With that being said, we are always happy to make adjustments to your specific order in this case

Why do the same products look different from one another?

Each product is hand made on a very small batch scale. Each order is make the same way but color variations might occur depending on the season, for our plant forward products.

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