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Bath+Book Club; You Can Heal Your Life

Let me start by saying that I absolutely adore this book. It is something I have carried with me throughout my entire life. I’ve read and re-read it more times than I could begin to count and I highly suggest it to anyone interested in bettering themselves.

“You Can Heal Your Life” was written back in the 80’s but the teachings and practices have never gone out of date, in fact, I believe now more than ever, this book is more worldly accepted than when it was written.

The author, Louise Hay, was truly a pioneer in her day. While her career as a spiritual minister did not start until she was well into her late fifties, she was an inspiration to anyone she met. She knew that loving who you truly are and embracing your own uniqueness was the only way to attract the life you ultimately want. Hay, herself, has written numerous books on self-awareness, learning to build self-esteem, and love in all its forms. She’s spoken in lectures around the world, done one-on -one coaching, and even written children’s books. She is also the creator of Hay House Publications and Radio, where thousands of spiritual teachers and authors have published there teachings from all around the world.

Each time that I’ve read, “You can Heal Your Life,”I’ve always gotten this magical feeling that it was written just for me, like a letter to my soul; each time, a new experience and a new outcome. It is because we are ever changing and always growing that this book has new and slightly different meanings each time we visit. The first time I read the book all the way through I can remember my mother had just left from a short visit, I was living alone at the time, and I was feeling very empty and lonely. I can remember I had three days off and nothing to do, so I picked up this book and didn’t stop reading until I got to the end, its that good.

This book starts off teaching us about forgiveness; forgiving your friends, ex lovers, parents, and most importantly yourself. We find that only in the letting go of the hurt and pain from our past experiences that we can truly free ourselves and minds and build up the new.

Hay, takes us through each chapter like walking up stairs, each step we take, we build to the ultimate goal, which is, forgiving and loving the self, totally.

Each chapter starts off with an affirmation pertaining to the teaching in that chapter, Hay states at the beginning that it is best to work through one chapter a week practicing the affirmations and really learning the concepts. All new things take practice and this is just the same.

The book is broken up into parts, part one, being the introduction, how to navigate this book, and what the author believes.

Part two, takes us through the what, where, and how’s of change. It feels like a personal one on one session with Louise.

Part three, my personal favorite, is putting the teachings to work. This section focuses on relationships, work, the body, success and prosperity. In the very last chapter in this section, Louise, puts together a 30-40 page three column list. (well more of a chart) The first column consists of bodily ailments, sicknesses, strains, aches and sores. In the next column, a spiritual meaning behind the thoughts that brought on those effects, and a third column, an affirmation to heal said ailments. Now, while this might sound a little “out there” for some of you, the list actually makes a lot of sense. We spend our days thinking about any number of things, good and bad. However, it seems as though the bad thoughts find a way to stick a little easier. We tend to reel over and over in our heads like a broken record, all of the things we are undeserving of, or why we think were not good enough, or smart enough for whatever reason. At times it feels like if we can just think about it enough it might solve itself. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the laws of the universe operate. If you hear things like; I’m too fat, or I’m too poor, or I’m not pretty enough, and you say them over and over and over again, eventually you will start to believe it. Same goes for illness, prosperity (or lack of) and so on. If our thoughts turn to things, than it is not so crazy to believe that we can also think ourselves sick, poor, unhealthy, etc. Louise, does an incredible job of showing how, with a little work, we can break that cycle and move into a more positive and loving way of thinking.

Overall this book will help you; even if you don’t think you need it, it will. This book will help you to see all the beauty that is within and embrace who you truly are.

I will leave you with this, The Dedication:

“May this offering help you find the place within where you know your own self-worth, the

part of you that is pure love and self-acceptance.”

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