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Ritual Oils

Ritual Oils


All NEW! Ritual Oils to enhance your everyday self-care rituals or spiritual practices.

Each blend contains powerful oils that are designed to bring you closer to your desires.


Each oil is 100% natural and safe to use on skin. Great for anointing candles, crystals, or for ritual baths 

*For body use we recommend using one to two drops on your inner wrists, back of neck, or behind earlobe


Ritual Oils:

Love Me Oil is a special blend of oils designed to attract love of all kinds into your experience.

With a combination of uplifting and calming scents, this oil will help you feel more connected to the love that surrounds you as well as attracting the love you seek.


Protection Oil is a powerful blend that is designed to ward off negative energies of others and protect you from evil. This oil will help you to feel a greater sense of security and peace of mind.


Meditation Oil is an ideal blend of oils to aid in meditative practices and enhance deep relaxation.

Use this oil to help you to connect more deeply with your spirit guides, and reach a state of stillness and clarity.


Lucky Money is a powerful blend of oils designed to attract abundance, success, and wealth.

*Use on inner sides of both wrists and palms to welcome money in all its forms.

*Drop two drops into wallet to bless the flow of money and the ways you exchange it.

*Add a few drops into your cleaning solution and wash floors, door frames, etc at the start of each month to attract money all month long


We conveniently packaged our oils in our custom 5ml dropper bottle making them perfect to take with you wherever you go*

Caution:To make these blends skin safe we add in oils that are not safe for use in diffusers* 

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  • Caution:


    To make these blends skin safe we add in oils that are not safe for use in diffusers and therefore not recommended for that intention.

    These oil blends are not safe for children or pets, keep away from eyes and do not ingest

    Always spot test products before use and discontinue if any irritation occurs. For tips on how to do this please visit our How To section on our website



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