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Recovery Bath Soak

Recovery Bath Soak


Recovery Bath Soak


Designed to stimulate circulation and speed up recovery time, what more could you ask for?

Included are essential oils such as black pepper and peppermint, that help to increase blood flow and restore torn or worn out tissue.

Cajeput and juniper berry, aid in anti-inflammatory properties in this soak is the perfect way to heal tired, over worked muscles.


This soak includes:

Peppermint- for its cooling properties and ability to ease muscle spasms by promoting sweating, which in turn also helps to clear the body of unwanted toxins


Lavender-great for overall relaxation


Cajeput- which is in the same family as Tea Tree oil, is great for aches and pains because it contains a chemical called cineole, which helps in soothing joint and muscle pain


Black Pepper-for its warming effects that aid in easing anxiety, muscle fatigue, and muscle cramps


Juniper Berry- This oil has been known to treat muscle soreness, arthritis, and aid in a deeper and more relaxing sleep


Sweet Almond (Carrier) Oil- not only helps to nourish skin but also increases effectiveness of essential oils by allowing them to penetrate more deeply



This product can be used all at once or half and half. Simply pour the contents into a warm- hot bath and allow product to dissolve. Make sure to let your body relax and soak for as long as possible so products have time to work their magic. This soak is best used at the end of the day, or before bed.


Be sure to drink plenty of water, get some good rest, and this soak will have you feeling brand new.


Caution:*This product is not intended for children, pets, or women who may be pregnant or nursing. Consult a doctor if you have recently undergone surgery. Always spot test product on inside of the wrist to test for sensitivity. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs. Do Not Ingest. Not for consumption of any kind

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